Ryan Paul

Freelance WordPress web developer, specializing in creating fast and practical WordPress powered websites.

Sioux Narrows – Nestor Falls

The township had a web presence stretching all the way back to 2001.  Eventually they decided they needed a website that reflected the appeal of their two towns, and a Content Management System to be able to easily update it.

An initial design was developed by us to reflect the rural nature of the area.  However, this wasn’t a responsive design and so towards the end of February 2015, we were hired again to create a new fresh design, and port it into a mobile friendly responsive template.

This website makes heavy use of Custom Fields in the Business Directory Listings, and has a Staff Only area for downloads, and an event calendar.


Initially Kenora Municipal Telephone Service was owned by the City of Kenora. After Bell bought KMTS for $30million – my employer was hired to do a complete overhaul and redesign inline with Bell’s corporate branding.

This monster of a web site in it’s initial stages had over 12,000 lines of PHP, more than 420 pages, and 4200 Custom Fields.  I spent four months working behind the scenes making sure every aspect of this site was dynamic and could be updated without any template modification.

When Bell bought Northerntel, and then integrated NorthernTel customers with Bell Mobility, a huge portion of the KMTS website was simply deleted and customers were redirected to Bell.

Century Cinema

Built initially by another developer with various errors – I convinced the client that a mobile-friendly rebuild of the template was warranted by showing him server statistics.

One he gave the go-ahead, I created this simple WordPress theme from the original design using Bootstrap. This site relies heavily upon Custom Fields to show each Movie’s details.