Ryan Paul

Freelance WordPress web developer, specializing in creating fast and practical WordPress powered websites.

Firefly Northwest

Lake of the Woods Child Development Centre and Patricia Centre for Children and Youth combined into one organization, and were renamed Firefly Northwest.

The new organization wanted a fresh design reflecting their work with children of all ages.  My employer was hired to create a portal that the community could use to interact with the organization, find information on services offered, and find out times of community events which Firefly were participating in.

This site features a staff portal which has an events calendar, staff downloads, public downloads, a public events calendar, sections for each community served, as well as downloads for each community.


Initially Kenora Municipal Telephone Service was owned by the City of Kenora. After Bell bought KMTS for $30million – my employer was hired to do a complete overhaul and redesign inline with Bell’s corporate branding.

This monster of a web site in it’s initial stages had over 12,000 lines of PHP, more than 420 pages, and 4200 Custom Fields.  I spent four months working behind the scenes making sure every aspect of this site was dynamic and could be updated without any template modification.

When Bell bought Northerntel, and then integrated NorthernTel customers with Bell Mobility, a huge portion of the KMTS website was simply deleted and customers were redirected to Bell.

Canadian Artillery

Perhaps my biggest website to date in terms of the sheer amount of data – the previous website ‘artillery.net’ was a big hodgepodge of broken links, urls, downloads and unorganized pages which was put together by a well meaning by not very skilled webmaster.

I was tasked with transforming the website into a well organized, clean, and easy to use portal.

Using a child theme of the freely available ‘Hueman theme’ for WordPress, I spent about five months reorganizing, correcting spelling mistakes, changing the way users navigate the website by using custom php and WordPress functions, putting the hundreds of downloads into a plugin to track daily usage, reattaching hundreds of featured images, changing the various profile based system into using posts integrated with corresponding parent pages, and modifying about 20,000 separate custom fields.

I also installed a security plugin that monitors and reverses any unauthorized file changes in the event of a server hack.

Sioux Lookout Airport

The Municipality hired my employer to create a website for the tiny remote airport.

Simple Paypal integration was required as well as dynamic fetching of an XML file to display arrivals and departures on the website.

There was many things I wanted to do with this website – including making it responsive but the time constraints and budget made it unfeasible.

Kenora Hospitality Alliance

The Kenora Hospitality Alliance is a group of local hotels who wanted a website created to highlight Kenora as a tourist destination.

After a huge hack due to old php coding from the previous developer – in conjunction with funding from the City of Kenora, my employer was hired to redevelop the old template into something new and responsive.

Using Bootstrap for the template, and Javascript for the menu, I built this template from the ground up. Everything is dynamic – from the sliders on each section, to the subsections under each menu item. Everything is controlled by careful use of custom fields.