I am convinced this guy was assassinated

Barnaby Jack

Yeah so here it is – I’m absolutely convinced this hacker dude was assassinated.  Probably by the CIA or Mossad.

He was a top notch hacker and Barnaby was about to reveal how he could hack into someone’s pacemaker and kill them from 30 feet away.  Pretend you’re into wetwork.  What better way to eliminate a target than have them keel over in the street of an apparent heart attack?

This is the perfect tool with which to kill HVTs and I know that if I was part of some shadowy government organization – I’d eliminate anyone who would threaten as great a weapon as that. Aren’t I great at seeing through the web of lies and deceit?

If I turn up missing – just letting you guys know the CIA got me.

About Ryan Paul

I'm a twenty-eight year old half black, and half white British guy living in Kenora, Ontario in Canada. For the first six years in Canada I was living with my children and their mother on a First Nation reserve just outside of Kenora. I now live in town, two blocks away from my office. I work at a local design firm and I love my job. I have the most beautiful son I could ever have hoped for and my dream for him when he grows up is to become a police officer for Treaty Three and eventually join the military. More recently I’ve been blessed with a daughter "Alex". Yes that is her full first name. She's one year old and is walking. Can't talk yet, but quite capable of letting you know what she wants. My dream for her is exactly the same as Nicolas. Become a Treaty Three cop, and then join the military. My political views are generally based around racial issues. People who discriminate based upon race should all be gassed. The world is like a playing field - in order for the game to be equal - the field must be level. I have in general a great respect for law and order (WHEN IT ISN’T DISCRIMINATORY OR UPHOLDS RIGHTEOUSNESS). Someone recently said that it seems the driving force in my life is racial equality. I don't think anyone ever spoke a truer word. I've become increasingly disillusioned with Canada because of race relations and how the Federal Government keeps First Nation people on a permanent lower economic and social level. When it comes to Native rights, my view is that colonisation was always going to happen - it's part of life - conquer or be conquered. My issue is with the way it was done, and the failure of Canada to live up to its reputation as a decent, and civilised society. The failure to honour the treaties and fairly compensate natives in Canada will always be a dark stain on Canada's reputation. Drunk drivers and paedophiles should be tied against a post, blindfolded and shot dead. Obviously, I have conviction in my beliefs and am not often swayed from them, although I am always open to the possibility that I'm wrong. I believe in freedom of speech, thought, and religion - so long as they do not promote hatred, bigotry, racism or unjust violence.

  • Keith


    Did the CIA get you?

    Been a while since you posted anything, hope all is OK.

    All the best.