What I Do

I create fast loading websites using core WordPress functions as much as humanly possible, with the absolute minimal reliance upon plugins to ensure smooth site functioning after WordPress updates.

Whilst I create awesome websites – I will not ever place aesthetics over security and usability.  I’m a huge advocate for four things in websites; speed, usability, navigation, and relevant content. WordPress logo

Long ago my employer who wasn’t intricately familiar with Content Management Systems was a huge advocate of using Joomla and simply would not listen to anything to do with using a different CMS.

After I built a client site of ours in about two hours, which previously took a day in Joomla, my boss was hooked.  Since then – I have built hundreds of websites from PSD to WordPress, HTML to WordPress, and converted from other Content Management Systems to WordPress.

Whether it’s a corporate site for a telecom company that has more than 12,000 lines of PHP, 420 pages, and 4200 Custom Fields, or is a redevelopment of a very successful fishing and hunting camp and tour guide business I have been there, and done that.