JP Cormier – Hometown Battlefield

This is one of those songs that needs to be put out there. Apparently the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs don’t track suicides by former soldiers according to veterans groups.

What is clear that suicides happen frequently and some people might say that not enough is being done – especially the widows of the deceased veterans.  In a story by Global News showing a timeline of recent soldier/ex-soldier suicides, Tom MacEachern said the extent of his wife’s treatment for PTSD was “to see a psychologist for 45 minutes a week to ‘assist in reaching your goal of symptom management.’ We would like to say that Leona had slipped through the cracks in the system but, in fact, there does not seem to be ‘a system’.

Anyway – this song highlights the struggle for those considering, considered and followed through, and those left behind.

Mental Abuse

I just got told that I’m mentally abusing my girlfriend because I gave her an ultimatum of cigarettes or me.

A ditsy feminist got all pissy. I told her I have the right to control what comes into my life.

She got irritated and walked out. I hate feminism. Feminists care about women’s rights – not equal rights.

I am convinced this guy was assassinated

Barnaby Jack

Yeah so here it is – I’m absolutely convinced this hacker dude was assassinated.  Probably by the CIA or Mossad.

He was a top notch hacker and Barnaby was about to reveal how he could hack into someone’s pacemaker and kill them from 30 feet away.  Pretend you’re into wetwork.  What better way to eliminate a target than have them keel over in the street of an apparent heart attack?

This is the perfect tool with which to kill HVTs and I know that if I was part of some shadowy government organization – I’d eliminate anyone who would threaten as great a weapon as that. Aren’t I great at seeing through the web of lies and deceit?

If I turn up missing – just letting you guys know the CIA got me.

British RMC – Benny Benassi ‘Satisfaction’

Just a video I copied off Facebook, because I couldn’t find it anywhere on YouTube.

A section of British RMC Cadets having fun on their downtime. Contrary to many hateful comments on Facebook – these blokes are NOT homosexual.

It takes balls of solid steel and to be completely secure in your heterosexual preference to pull of something like this.  So instead of hate comments – how about giving them credit for entertainment?

Retired Lt-General Leslie speaks against military spending

Lt.-Gen. (Ret'd) Andrew Leslie speaks to CBC Radio's The House in his first in-depth interview since retiring from the ranks in Aug. 2011. (Bill Graveland/The Canadian Press)

Andrew Leslie was a General in the Canadian Forces who recently retired and who also penned a report commissioned by the Feds right before he left.  He was one of the top dogs – purportedly in the running for the top position – Chief of Defence Staff.  In a news story on CBC News, Leslie says that there has been an increase of $475,000,000 on administrative matters in the Canadian military such as consultants and contractors.

The kicker is that the military budget has been cut by 22%.  That budget is used to equip and train soldiers, regular force and reservists alike.  What happens when budgets are cut?  Would people assume less training, less equipment, less readiness, less competence, less ability to close and destroy the enemy in the event of a war?

The Public Accounts show that spending for Professional and Special Services at National Defence went from $2.7 billion in 2009-2010 to $3.2 billion in 2011-2012.

Andrew Leslie was a respected career soldier during his time serving Canada.  He’s quoted as saying..

This has a direct impact on our troops. It’s going to result in lower levels of readiness, it’s going to mean our troops are not as well trained … It’s going to have an impact on part-time reserves, the lifeblood of the army. So I can’t watch from the sidelines.

Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson said that consulting includes a “very broad range of activity including medical and mental health services,” even “maintenance and repairs”.Vice-Admiral Donaldson also said that it’s much more economical to turn certain contracts over to the private sector.

I’d be willing to bet that a lot of civilians and soldiers alike in Canada are asking themselves “why can’t the military use it’s own qualified mechanics and skilled personnel” for repairs, upgrades etc.  Lots of people might also argue that allowing the skilled personnel within the military to fix things themselves might prove cheaper because soldiers get paid the same rate regardless of what they’re ordered to do.

One thing is quite clear (from the comments in the news story) – lots of people seem to think that military is top heavy, and a big portion of the military’s officers at NDHQ should be fired, and the money that is spent on them should go directly towards troop training. I, of course, have no opinion on the subject.

Cut hundreds of higher ranking officers from National Defence Headquarters and spend that money on the troops who would be forced to put their lives on the line… or keep the higher ranking officers in NDHQ in place, and repair their cushy leather chairs and mahogany boardroom tables”  seems to be the question many Canadians are asking themselves.

I will not state an opinion on what I’d do out of these two choices, and I definitely will not state an opinion on whether I think the federal government is destroying the Canadian Forces by slashing budgets for frontline troops and increasing budgets for office personnel.  But I would ask – what do others think?


Is Luke Willis A Racist?

A while back – someone I am, at the time of writing, close to was text messaging a friend of theirs.  The conversation came around to my friend asking him if he’d ever been with a black girl.  Luke Willis, from Kent, said “I don’t do blacks”.  Having been raised my whole life in England, and spent many years in Kent I knew that a white skinhead dude who wears polo shirts, adidas and reebok shoes using the word ‘blacks’ would be racist.

I asked my friend to ask if Luke has a problem with black people.  Luke Willis replied “I don’t like blacks and they don’t like me“.  I looked at my friend and said “Now do you believe he’s racist?“.  At that point my friend agreed and they apparently didn’t talk for a while.  After a few weeks – Luke managed to lull my friend into believing he’s not racist by saying he wasn’t talking about “all blacks” – just the ones he’s met.  So my friend said message him which I did.

The conversation went like the following:

  • Luke Willis: “I don’t know why you care.  You’re there, and I’m here and I wasn’t even saying it to you”.
  • Ryan Paul: “You were saying racist shit about black people – my family are black”.
  • Luke Willis: “Yeah YOUR family is.  Not [NAME DELETED]‘s

A few months later I found the photos below on his Facebook.  I spoke to my friend about the images below and my friend said that Luke claimed it was from years ago and he was no longer racist.

luke-photos-1 luke-photos-2






Now ask your self – would a person who’s not racist, in reference to the content of these images say “I couldn’t be bothered to take them off”?

Canada’s Holocaust

Elkhorn Residential School


Jasper Joseph is a sixty-four-year-old native man from Port Hardy, British Columbia. His eyes still fill with tears when he remembers his cousins who were killed with lethal injections by staff at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital in 1944:

I was just eight, and they’d shipped us down from the Anglican residential school in Alert Bay to the Nanaimo Indian Hospital, the one run by the United Church. They kept me isolated in a tiny room there for more than three years, like I was a lab rat, feeding me these pills, giving me shots that made me sick. Two of my cousins made a big fuss, screaming and fighting back all the time, so the nurses gave them shots, and they both died right away. It was done to silence them. (November 10, 2000)

Unlike post-war Germans, Canadians have yet to acknowledge, let alone repent from, the genocide that we inflicted on millions of conquered people: the aboriginal men, women and children who were deliberately exterminated by our racially supremacist churches and state.

As early as November 1907, the Canadian press was acknowledging that the death rate within Indian residential schools exceeded 50% (see Appendix, Key Newspaper Articles). And yet the reality of such a massacre has been wiped clean from the public record and consciousness in Canada over the past decades. Small wonder; for that hidden history reveals a system whose aim was to destroy most native people by disease, relocation and outright murder, while “assimilating” a minority of collaborators who were trained to serve the genocidal system.

This history of purposeful genocide implicates every level of government in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), every mainstream church, large corporations and local police, doctors and judges. The web of complicity in this killing machine was, and remains, so vast that its concealment has required an equally elaborate campaign of cover-up that has been engineered at the highest levels of power in our country; a cover-up that is continuing, especially now that eyewitnesses to murders and atrocities at the church-run native residential “schools” have come forward for the first time.

For it was the residential “schools” that constituted the death camps of the Canadian Holocaust, and within their walls nearly one-half of all aboriginal children sent there by law died, or disappeared, according to the government’s own statistics.

These 50,000 victims have vanished, as have their corpses – “like they never existed”, according to one survivor. But they did exist. They were innocent children, and they were killed by beatings and torture and after being deliberately exposed to tuberculosis and other diseases by paid employees of the churches and government, according to a “Final Solution” master plan devised by the Department of Indian Affairs and the Catholic and Protestant churches.

With such official consent for manslaughter emanating from Ottawa, the churches responsible for annihilating natives on the ground felt emboldened and protected enough to declare full-scale war on non-Christian native peoples through the 20th century.

The casualties of that war were not only the 50,000 dead children of the residential schools, but the survivors, whose social condition today has been described by United Nations human rights groups as that of “a colonized people barely on the edge of survival, with all the trappings of a third-world society”. (November 12, 1999)

Download The Report:

Watch The Video:

Below is the full video online of ‘Unrepentant – Canada’s Genocide’ by Reverend Kevin Annett.

Canadian Government seems to be listening


A while back I blogged about Canada’s government  allowing a Chinese company to bid on contracts to supply, amongst other things, Canada’s military with secure communication. To people allowed to express opinions, it might have seemed plainly obvious that Harper’s government initially was more interested in the economics of bringing in hundreds of millions in revenue from China.

Apparently Stephen Harper is now listening to his own intelligence community – because it seems that Ottawa has said it would block Huawei from the bid by invoking a national security exception.

Check out this interesting video with Jim Lewis who works in a think-tank in Washington…

But – they have a pretty well made website -  Are they having a bad rap?  Well I’m not going to express an opinion on that, but Canada’s intelligence community isn’t the only one worried about the threat posed from Chinese espionage.

U.S President Barack Obama ordered Ralls Corp. to get rid of its interests in a wind farm next to a U.S Navy weapons training and testing facility.  As well,  Australia’s government blocked Huawei from bidding on  a national broadband network.

Are all these countries paranoid?  Or have the Chinese got a history of military, economic, and industrial espionage, and these countries are rightfully blocking a major threat?

Terrorist returns to Canada

A van transporting Omar Khadr is shown on Saturday. (CTV)

EDIT (April 22 2014): I amended the title of this news post to remove the word ‘Alleged’.  Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to all charges.

A while back before I deleted a large portion of my blogs I wrote an opinion piece about Omar Khadr.  I now refuse to state my opinion though.

On that issue – Omar Khadr was finally brought back to Canada.  It’s not an opinion – but a fact – that the Canadian government had a duty all along to take care of its own business.  Canada’s citizens are Canada’s business.  I hate to quote his lawyer, Brydie Bethel, but when speaking about Minister Toews – she said:

“He mishandled the file and he knows it… the good news for all Canadians is that justice has prevailed over politics today”.

Someone whose reputation and honour is pretty much beyond reproach, Senator Romeo Dallaire said:

“I am very satisfied, even if [the repatriation] is done in the dead of night and on a weekend to avoid media attention,”

It’s generally acknowledged that children used in armed conflict, regardless of what they do, are supposed to be rehabilitated.  You’d be hard pressed to find one single credible and civilised person, government, or organization that would argue otherwise.  So some people might ask… why did the Canadian government drag its feet, and fail its people and itself in its duty to repatriate and rehabilitate a child soldier? Under our system of justice – a fifteen year old boy cannot be held legally responsible for his actions.

People might now be asking – if the government is willing to ignore its own rules in this case, what is to stop it ignoring the rules whenever it chooses? It sets a dangerous precedent.

PS:  As I was researching material for this blog post, I came across an interesting blog post about the possibility that Omar Khadr didn’t even kill Spc Speer. Warning – there is a graphic image of Omar Khadr’s wounds back in Afghanistan. [EDIT:  I absolutely do NOT endorse the blog post I linked to.  It is there for balance.]