Women who abuse men

Angry Woman

Way back in 1999, Stats Canada did a survey of 11,607 men1 over the age of 15. Out of all of those blokes, between 1994 – 1999 – seven percent experienced some type of spousal abuse on at least one occasion, compared with 8% of their female counterparts.

Feminists and men-haters out there always yap on about how the overwhelming majority of domestic abuse perpetrators are men.  The Stats Canada survey clearly sends a loud and clear message to feminists which is:


Another study of 12 married blokes between 25 – 47 showed that the men sustained injuries such as multiple bruises and abrasions, dislocated ribs, injured genitalia, minor head trauma, numerous lacerations, and internal injuries. Weapons used by the wives included clothes hangers, steak knives, scissors, screwdrivers, cellular phones, fingernails, metal pots and pans, rolling pins, keys and other thrown objects. This study provided some insight into the respondents’ feelings about their situations and the effect those situations had on their self-identity:

The surveyed blokes indicated that they were often met with reactions of disbelief, surprise and skepticism from the staff of domestic abuse shelters, legal-based institutions and hospitals, as well as friends and neighbours.

Of the 495 American couples in the 1995 National Family Violence Survey for whom one or more abusive incidents were reported by a female respondent, the husband was the only violent partner in 25.9% of the cases, the wife was the only one to be violent in 25.5% of the cases, and both were violent in 48.6% of the cases.

Decreased Walloping Rates

According to the Department of Justice2, an estimated 7 percent of Canadian women and men aged 15 years and over who were in a current or previous, marital or common-law relationship, experienced some form of spousal violence between 1999 – 2004. This includes a rate of 7 percent for women (653,000 women) and 6 percent for men (546,000 men).


If you’re a feminist – quit with your sexist bullshit.  These are the facts. Not my opinions.  Instead of being female rights campaigners, become equal rights campaigners.

Domestic violence is abhorrent and should not be tolerated for one single second.  Neither should sexist women who try to minimize the importance and gravity of abuse that men suffer at the hands of women.

Lastly – sorry feminists, but the Duluth model is flawed.  It is severely hampered by its rigid insistence on a gendered concept of violence, defined as something done only by men, and only to women. I think I’ve showed here that that is not the case.

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Chiropractic quackery and whether it works

Chiropractic Medicine for Complete Idiots

This past weekend I was on top of an extremely sketchy and rather high roof that had a measure of buoyancy in it.  I was about to try and conquer a fear and rappel off the side of a brick building about fifty feet high.  To help dissipate the mounting fear and hyperventilating I was rapidly experiencing I started speaking to a couple of colleagues about chiropractors and what they do.

I asked two colleagues something to the effect of “isn’t chiropractic ‘fake’ medicine”, and told them that I’d been told by some very qualified people that chiropractors are engaged in quackery.

The best summary of chiropractice I could find was from Dr. Thomas Ballantine, Harvard Medical School who said:

The confrontation between medicine and chiropractic is not a struggle between two professions. Rather it is more in the nature of an effort by an informed group of individuals to protect the public from fraudulent health claims and practices.

Let’s be real – chiropractic therapy was founded by what seems to be a quack.  Daniel David Palmer1 apparently healed a deaf man by repositioning a vertabrae in his spine, then some time after that he healed someone with heart trouble using the same technique.  Apparently Palmer also claimed that 95% of all diseases were caused by displaced vertebrae, and invented a new word – ‘subluxation’ which he used to describe ‘a displacement of the spine’.

There are some things about chiropractic2 that I’ve recently found out. Someone with a DC after their name is NOT a medical doctor.  That is a fact.  Whilst they might have a ‘Doctor of Chiropractic’ degree – they simply are not doctors in the commonly accepted meaning of the word.

For a profession that was founded by a quack who was murdered by his own quack son responsible for spreading the quackery it seems rather silly to put faith into something that is no more effective than therapeutic exercise, more expensive and FAR MORE risky. It is a fact that you can die from going to a chiropractor as did Laurie Mathiason.

Laurie Mathiason was a 20-year-old Canadian waitress who visited a chiropractor 21 times between 1997 and 1998 to relieve her low-back pain. On her penultimate visit she complained of stiffness in her neck. That evening she began dropping plates at the restaurant, so she returned to the chiropractor. As the chiropractor manipulated her neck, Mathiason began to cry, her eyes started to roll, she foamed at the mouth and her body began to convulse. She was rushed to hospital, slipped into a coma and died three days later. At the inquest, the coroner declared: “Laurie died of a ruptured vertebral artery, which occurred in association with a chiropractic manipulation of the neck.”

The British Chiropractic Association sued Simon Singh for an article he wrote3 because he said they happily promote bogus treatment.  They lost.  This is the same organization that claimed chiropractic could heal asthma and infant colic.

After it’s proved that chiropractic can be deadly… would you really let someone do the same thing to YOUR child?

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Tibi Ram: The Holocaust Survivor Who Fought in Every Israeli War

During the Holocaust Ze’ev Tibi Ram lost his whole family. He survived Auschwitz, a labour camp, and Bergen-Belsen. After being separated from his mother and eventually finding her at the end of the war, she disappeared and Tibi never saw her again. His brother survived until the end of the war, but died shortly after.

Now, Tibi gives lectures to soldiers about the holocaust and his extensive military experience. He is also the proud grandfather of an IDF soldier.

JP Cormier – Hometown Battlefield

This is one of those songs that needs to be put out there. Apparently the Canadian Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs don’t track suicides by former soldiers1 according to veterans groups.

What is clear that suicides happen frequently and some people might say that not enough is being done – especially the widows of the deceased veterans.  In a story by Global News showing a timeline of recent soldier/ex-soldier suicides2, Tom MacEachern said the extent of his wife’s treatment for PTSD was “to see a psychologist for 45 minutes a week to ‘assist in reaching your goal of symptom management.’ We would like to say that Leona had slipped through the cracks in the system but, in fact, there does not seem to be ‘a system’.

Anyway – this song highlights the struggle for those considering, considered and followed through, and those left behind.

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Mental Abuse

I just got told that I’m mentally abusing my girlfriend because I gave her an ultimatum of cigarettes or me.

A ditsy feminist got all pissy. I told her I have the right to control what comes into my life.

She got irritated and walked out. I hate feminism. Feminists care about women’s rights – not equal rights.

I am convinced this guy was assassinated

Barnaby Jack

Yeah so here it is – I’m absolutely convinced this hacker dude was assassinated.  Probably by the CIA or Mossad.

He was a top notch hacker and Barnaby was about to reveal how he could hack into someone’s pacemaker and kill them from 30 feet away.  Pretend you’re into wetwork.  What better way to eliminate a target than have them keel over in the street of an apparent heart attack?

This is the perfect tool with which to kill HVTs and I know that if I was part of some shadowy government organization – I’d eliminate anyone who would threaten as great a weapon as that. Aren’t I great at seeing through the web of lies and deceit?

If I turn up missing – just letting you guys know the CIA got me.

British RMC – Benny Benassi ‘Satisfaction’

Just a video I copied off Facebook, because I couldn’t find it anywhere on YouTube.

A section of British RMC Cadets having fun on their downtime. Contrary to many hateful comments on Facebook – these blokes are NOT homosexual.

It takes balls of solid steel and to be completely secure in your heterosexual preference to pull of something like this.  So instead of hate comments – how about giving them credit for entertainment?

Retired Lt-General Leslie speaks against military spending

Lt.-Gen. (Ret'd) Andrew Leslie speaks to CBC Radio's The House in his first in-depth interview since retiring from the ranks in Aug. 2011. (Bill Graveland/The Canadian Press)

Andrew Leslie was a General in the Canadian Forces who recently retired and who also penned a report commissioned by the Feds right before he left.  He was one of the top dogs – purportedly in the running for the top position – Chief of Defence Staff.  In a news story on CBC News 1, Leslie says that there has been an increase of $475,000,000 on administrative matters in the Canadian military such as consultants and contractors.

The kicker is that the military budget has been cut by 22%.  That budget is used to equip and train soldiers, regular force and reservists alike.  What happens when budgets are cut?  Would people assume less training, less equipment, less readiness, less competence, less ability to close and destroy the enemy in the event of a war?

The Public Accounts show that spending for Professional and Special Services at National Defence went from $2.7 billion in 2009-2010 to $3.2 billion in 2011-2012.

Andrew Leslie was a respected career soldier during his time serving Canada.  He’s quoted as saying..

This has a direct impact on our troops. It’s going to result in lower levels of readiness, it’s going to mean our troops are not as well trained … It’s going to have an impact on part-time reserves, the lifeblood of the army. So I can’t watch from the sidelines.

Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson said that consulting includes a “very broad range of activity including medical and mental health services,” even “maintenance and repairs”.Vice-Admiral Donaldson also said that it’s much more economical to turn certain contracts over to the private sector.

I’d be willing to bet that a lot of civilians and soldiers alike in Canada are asking themselves “why can’t the military use it’s own qualified mechanics and skilled personnel” for repairs, upgrades etc.  Lots of people might also argue that allowing the skilled personnel within the military to fix things themselves might prove cheaper because soldiers get paid the same rate regardless of what they’re ordered to do.

One thing is quite clear (from the comments in the news story) – lots of people seem to think that military is top heavy, and a big portion of the military’s officers at NDHQ should be fired, and the money that is spent on them should go directly towards troop training. I, of course, have no opinion on the subject.

Cut hundreds of higher ranking officers from National Defence Headquarters and spend that money on the troops who would be forced to put their lives on the line… or keep the higher ranking officers in NDHQ in place, and repair their cushy leather chairs and mahogany boardroom tables”  seems to be the question many Canadians are asking themselves.

I will not state an opinion on what I’d do out of these two choices, and I definitely will not state an opinion on whether I think the federal government is destroying the Canadian Forces by slashing budgets for frontline troops and increasing budgets for office personnel.  But I would ask – what do others think?


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